Rancho de los Esteros


Rancho de los Esteros is a combination between nature and a simple lifestyle.

Part of its main structure has been built with clay in order to show the inhabitants of this place the importance of using the materials found in the area, which are undoubtedly what they have most available.

However, we also take into account comfort and esthetics, while maintaining the identity and profile of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, with its traditional sand streets and clay ranches.

We have four large suites (one of them can be adapted for 4 guests) with a view to the Lake; a swimming pool; a quay under cover, from where you can enjoy unforgettable sunsets; motor boats and canoes.

Our cuisine, prepared with spices and vegetables from our own garden, offers you a variety of simple dishes with the taste of expert hands.

While Maita with her specialties adds her unique touch to the menu, Julio (Mono), owner of the barbecue and of the good drinks, offers you the best asados, complemented with amusing anecdotes.