Rancho de los Esteros


Rancho de los Esteros is built in one of the colorful sceneries of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini. Located 120 km northeast of the coastal city of Mercedes, this place is an alternative established within a totally natural environment.

Based on the heart of Corrientes, the ranch beats with its history, music, language and customs, maintaining a hundred-year-old culture, which remains alive.

It is a very rich tourist attraction, varied in flora and fauna, and with colorful local inhabitants, who have lots of legends and stories enriching their natural appeal.

The swamps and lakes of the Iberá and their ecosystems are one of the most important biological areas of Argentina. It is a natural correntino heritage. The biodiversity of their ecosystems, its natural resources and its recognized natural scenery gave birth to the Iberá Nature Reserve.

Old beds of Río Paraná are nowadays the base of this actual wetland complex formed by swamps, bogs, lagoons, streams, woodlands, masses of floating vegetation, etc. The Esteros del Iberá constitute an efficient dam, regulating water, and this is what makes them different from other ecosystems.